Arcoriccardo Ristorante

Is situated in the old town, only one-minute walk from Piazza Unità.
Luca Gioiello, owner and chef, actively supervised the radical refurbishment of the location planned by architect Michela Crevatin. The historical spaces have been increased in valued and included in a modern and linear context to create a comfortable and elegant space, made even more suggestive by the existence of the Roman Arch that literally penetrates into the restaurant. The Restaurant has got 60 seats distributed on two levels. You may book the upper hall, where the archaeological ruins are shown, for your private party, buffet or working lunch. During summer 20 more seats are at hand in the comfortable ‘garden’ opposite the restaurant. ARCORICCARDO RISTORANTE opened in 2006 and it represents today the evolution of a hundred-year-old tradition.

In the early 19th century it hosted the ‘Osteria dell'Antico Trionfo’, where the famous ‘Opollo di Lissa’, the most important and valuable Dalmatian white wine, was served and appreciated by James Joyce, who was an usual and devoted client of the Osteria during his stay in Trieste (1912-1915)

The location became the tavern ‘All'Arco di Riccardo’ and for many years it was one of the most popular and original meeting places in town. Today ARCORICCARDO RISTORANTE  have recreated the tradition: we have developed the structure and made entirely visible the part of the arch that penetrates into the restaurant while adding value to another archaeological find discovered during the works.